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Founder & Trainer

Gray's Background Includes:

•Strength training
•Weight loss

•Adaptive training for 

   spinal cord injuries
•Kettlebell Sport

•Kettlebell Hardstyle
•Interval training 
•Speed & agility
•Weight training
•Strength conditioning 
•Muscle gain
•Core & balance training



Gray studied Kinesiology at Texas Lutheran University and began working with physical therapists in hospitals and out-patient centers around Austin as an exercise specialist. After several years in that environment, he moved on to work with the general fitness-focused population at South Congress Athletic Club where he was both a manager and a personal trainer. In 2014, Gray moved on to launch his own private gym, Alliance Physical Culture, at the future site of Austin's first solar-powered apartment complex B-Austin Communities

Gray Godwin instructor
Gray Godwin kettlebell intervals
Gray Godwin personal training
Gray Godwin NAGA Champ 2014
Gray Godwin specialist at SAM

Gray's previous clinical work has given him extensive exposure to various strength and therapeutic models and their effects on function and health. This enables him to work with both the general population that wants to stay fit while maintaining lifestyle, and the adaptive population who may have mobility restrictions necessitating specific adaptive training methods. 

Gray's passion for physical culture expands beyond barbell strength training and kettlebell to the martial arts, including competitive grappling with four NAGA Championships. His studies in clubbells, indian clubs, yoga, pilates, team sports such as basketball and chasing around his 1-year-old son, all add to his active lifestyle.

His MOTTO: Do squats and eat your veggies.

Meet the Founder

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